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DRB is a community health organization providing culturally specific, wraparound services to Africans and other immigrant and refugee women and youth. Our programs and services include:

  • mental healthcare programs to women

  • afterschool assignment programs to African children with the help of Ph.D. students from PSU

  • mentoring immigrant and refugee youth plus career advising services and job placement

  • weekly food drive for the general public

  • work with sober and job-ready homeless people and employers to help stabilize lives and rebuild families 


When COVID- 19 hit, the suffering of the African immigrant community in Portland became very apparent, and cases of mental health issues among African women and their families increased. There was also an increase in stress and fear due to the pandemic as well as an increase in homelessness because people were losing their jobs and working fewer hours. Therefore, DRB had to rise to the occasion and created an outreach service to provide culturally specific mental health services to women of African descent, feed the homeless, and provide mental and emotional support to the immigrant community.

Our afterschool program is a robust mentoring program helping African children with assignments and psychosocial support. DRB's after school program aims to bridge the gap in academic achievement and encourage and expose African youths to careers in STEAM programs such as engineering, technology, aerospace, and clean energy. This afterschool program is carried out with help from Ph.D. students from PSU.


DRB philosophy is wrapped around the fact that everyone at one point will need a hand that will link and connect them to a purpose in life. DRB serves as that bridge.

DRB offers:

1) Culturally-specific, mental health service to African women

2) Support to youths and their families through mentoring and other programs that enable families to thrive.

3) Support for homeless with the ultimate goal of restoring individuals and  reconnecting families

In response to the needs of our community, we also offer programs in the following areas: community health education classes, civil engagement programs, sewing classes, and culturally-specific heathy cooking classes and Zumba classes, gardening, walking group, and  a program for married women.

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