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Women's mental health programs are focus on African and other immigrants and refugee women. For example, our community room is design for women to relax, have a free massage, read a book, watch a movie, or talk with a friend to reduce stress. Services include:

  • culturally-specific mental health education on family health and life in America

  • Zumba classes and women walking groups

  • women gardening group, acupuncture services, and cooking classes. 


We created a Community Ambassadors program to build community and support. Ambassadors are local older women in the community who check on other community members through phone calls. In addition, we foster a buddy program among women, celebrating individuals, especially under appreciated, local, uneducated women. We also have a sewing program for women to learn how to make culturally-specific clothing, and we teach women how to cook healthy foods from their own cultures.


We mentor vulnerable immigrant youth and refugees in job placement helping them work toward earning a living in areas with accessible jobs. We also offer after school assignment mentoring virtually or in person at DRB office in our computer lab. Our career advising  helps young people prepare resumes, get ready for job interviews and make career choices.


The program is multifaceted. DRB has already begun feeding homeless populations and will continue to do so. We are also working with sober and job-ready houseless people and employers to help get the homeless off the streets, into homes, and rebuild families. Plans are underway to run a mobile van for the implementation of DRB’s job connection program. This program will meet people where they are on the streets and help them get back on their feet again. We are looking to develop a peer-run Welcome Center in downtown Portland. The center will offer homeless individuals showers, laundry services and activities during specific hours. Plans are also underway to run a mobile kitchen that serves hot meals at specific locations throughout Portland. Ending homelessness is a moral responsibility that we take seriously.

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